Huygens Lyceum: nearby, personal and versatile like you!

Huygens Lyceum challenges pupils to take responsibility for the discovery and development of their talents. Our foundation is good, inspirational education. We want to fully equip students to face the challenges of present-day and future society. On the one hand, this means that they work towards obtaining their diploma, which includes gaining relevant subject knowledge. On the other hand, it means broadly preparing them for a future in which they will be challenged to find solutions for complex problems within professions that don’t even exist yet. 

Would you like to get an impression of our school? We offer the following possibilities: 

  • 20  and 26  November 2018: information evening for children in Group 8 and their parents 
  • 13 February 2019: sample lessons for children from Group 7 and 8 
  • 16 February 2019: open house from 10.00-13.00 hrs 
  • presentations during orientation evenings at primary schools 
  • 19 June 2019: introduction afternoon for new first year pupils 
  • informative material: our first year brochure, our website and 

Huygens Learning 

We will help you get the most out of yourself. Our approach is called “Huygens Learning”, which focusses on your development in the broadest sense of the word. It allows you to discover who you are, what goals you have and what you want to achieve. This will motivate you to learn and keep evolving, bearing in mind your future after secondary school. Huygens Learning is comprised of three building blocks, known as “VIP”, “VAK” and “VERDER”.   

You go to school to learn and you can only accomplish that if you’re comfortable in your own skin. Who you are and how you feel are important. That’s why we want to get to know you. Your mentor plays the main role in this process. Each class in first year has two mentors, whom you will see every day during first period in the VIP class. The mentors are mostly there to help you discover where your talents lie, what interests you and what you find important. This stimulates your personal growth! During the VIP lessons you also learn how to plan homework in a special planner and you receive tips on how to study. 

We offer quality education that is both challenging and inspirational. Besides books we make use of short films, presentations, field trips and hands-on learning. You will attend VAK classes such as Dutch, French, Mathematics, Art and Science. Lessons are offered at the level that suits you. We have separate first year classes for havo (higher general secondary education), atheneum/havo (A-levels/havo combination) and gymnasium (grammar school). These levels are explained further on. At Huygens Lyceum, you will be in the right place from day one, which will help you feel at home quickly and get the most out of yourself. 

During the VERDER classes there is opportunity for deepening your knowledge as well as receiving extra help for subjects you find difficult. You will tackle projects that are in line with your talents and interests and you will get the chance to demonstrate what you’re made of. You will learn to plan, find solutions by yourself and share knowledge. VERDER projects stimulate your development, using the knowledge and experience that you gained in VIP and VAK lessons. 

The First Year class that best suits you! 

Huygens Lyceum has three kinds of first year classes: 

  • havo: This stands for higher general secondary education. These classes are made up of pupils whose primary school gave them a havo recommendation. They are taught at havo level. 
  • atheneum/havo: Atheneum is comparable to the British A-levels. The classes are comprised of students with a recommendation for havo/atheneum or atheneum. Students are taught at the latter level. 
  • gymnasium: In Britain this is referred to as grammar school. These classes are suitable for pupils that have an atheneum recommendation, enjoy learning and have a critical and inquisitive mind. Pupils will get one extra subject: Latin. 

Besides the recommendation of your primary school, there are no additional acceptance criteria for first year. Gymnasium is an exception: the primary school has to support the choice for this level. 

During enrolment the desired first year level will be enquired after. If this does not match the recommendation, a meeting with the primary school and parents will follow in order to make a well-informed decision. 

It is possible to continue to atheneum second year after havo first year. It is not possible to continue to gymnasium second year from a first year level other than gymnasium. In the event of extraordinarily good performance, the option of gymnasium will be brought up before Christmas break. In this case a class switch can be made during the school year. 

The duration of first year is one school year. In March pupils and parents receive our recommendation for second year. This is based on the professional opinion of all teachers of the student in question. At the end of the school year we decide upon the best place for the pupil to continue his/her school career, whether it is havo, atheneum or gymnasium. 

Enrol yourself! 

Enrolment of mainstream pupils (i.e. non-special needs students) 
If you have a son or daughter in Group 8 at this moment, you and your child will soon choose a secondary school. At the Huygens Lyceum enrolment is possible for havo, atheneum/havo or gymnasium at the following times: 

  • Monday, March 11 2019 16.00-17.00 hrs and 19.00-20.30 hrs 
  • Tuesday, March 12 2019 16.00-17.00 hrs and 19.00-20.30 hrs 
  • Wednesday, March 13 2019 16.00-17.00 hrs 


Our first year acceptance criteria are as follows: 

  • havo: a havo recommendation from the primary school 
  • atheneum/havo: a recommendation for havo/atheneum or atheneum 
  • gymnasium: an atheneum recommendation and primary school support of the choice for gymnasium 

Acceptance is discussed in the acceptance committee. Enrolled students are accepted or rejected based on the recommendation of the primary school. If this recommendation changes due to the results of a permissible final test, our competent authority will base the acceptance decision on the altered recommendation.  

Placement in a specific first year class is primarily dependent on the primary school recommendation. If there is cause for doubt, the following data are used (if available): data from the educational report of the primary school, the elaboration of the Group 8 teacher, supported by data from the pupil monitoring system or the results of a psychological test. In the event that we are considering placing your son/daughter in a different class than you expect, we will contact you to discuss this. 

On 17 April 2019 we will send you a letter stating whether your child has been accepted as well as the type of education and class in which he/she has been placed. 

If you have preferences with regards to the placement of your child (for example, in a class with a certain friend or separate from pupils in your child’s current Group 8 class), you can notify us of this and other details, on the enrolment form. 

What should you bring for enrolment? 

The following is required: 

  • the social security (BSN) number of your son or daughter (noted on the health care insurance card or passport) 
  • a copy of the passport or ID card showing all official names 
  • the filled out enrolment form 

We hope to see you during enrolment! 

Enrolment of special needs students 

As of October 2018 parents of children with special needs can make an orientation/information appointment with the special needs coordinator. We will discuss the needs of your son/daughter and what Huygens Lyceum can offer. You can contact our special needs coordinator, Astrid van der Knaap, for an appointment by sending an email to 

Special needs students are those of whom the primary school and/or parents feel cannot function in the mainstream school system without extra support.  
We differentiate between basic support (for example for students with dyslexia) and more support. Pupils that need basic support, don’t need to enrol early. If you are in doubt, please contact the school. 

Special needs students can enrol earlier than mainstream students from Monday, 4 February until Friday, 8 February 2019. An appointment with the special needs coordinator, Astrid van der Knaap, is necessary. Please send an email to We would appreciate you bringing your son/daughter for enrolment. 

On 20 March 2019 we will send you a letter stating whether your child has been accepted. If we are considering rejecting a pupil, we will contact you directly. 

What should you bring for enrolment? 

  • the social security (BSN) number of your son or daughter (noted on the health care insurance card or passport) 
  • a copy of the passport or ID card showing all official names 
  • a copy of the report containing the diagnosis/diagnoses of your child 

We hope to see you during enrolment! 

Enrolment based on an altered recommendation 

If the recommendation is altered and you still want to enrol your son/daughter, this is possible on 20 and 21 May 2019. You can contact the front office for an appointment with the first year student coordinator, Mrs Christianne Nuijten-Smit  Before enrolment is possible, the primary school has to have contacted Huygens Lyceum.